Your vacation can never go wrong with Goa because this place has a vibe that goes well with all kinds of travelers. Peace or Party, Budget or Work while you travel. There’s no plan of yours that Goa cannot accommodate. But a very important aspect of a good vacation is the place you stay at. Finding a good hostel can be quite a task because it’s more than just a physical space. It’s literally a house of memories. Take these points into consideration when you’re booking your next trip to Goa:



After COVID first thing you’ve to look out for is how often do they sanitize the place? Most of the hostels are very particular about the sanitisation because of the directives and awareness but you should always check out how often do they sanitise rooms and common areas and what sanitisation guidance do they follow?


  1.     Value for Money

Budget travellers often go with the cheapest option they find. However, don’t try to save a buck just to save a buck. Super cheap hostels are often unclean, the beds uncomfortable, the showers dirty, and the pillows thin. Pay a little more for nicer things and your body will thank you. Remember, it’s not about being cheap — it’s about getting value!


  1.     Proximity to Beach

A hostel in Goa that is close to the beach would be the best thing ever. Even though it’s not a big deal to have to drive a little bit to the beach, imagine if you could take a break from your work and quickly go for a swim and come back in no time! Yes, that would be quite cool and ideal if you’re in Goa. Also check if they have outdoor showers because that would be a great addon.

It will also come in handy when the weather changes suddenly and you know it’s mad out there at the beach. It’s quite often that you will see some rare sights (Phytoplanktons, Watersprouts etc) in Goan beaches during monsoons.


  1.     A Bar

Go for a hostel which has their own bar instead of the ones where they allow you outside alcohol. Mostly the bar in a hostel means more fun and interactive activities and less nuisance of drunk people. The alcohol in Goa is very cheap and even at hostel bars you will find pretty decent prices, Happy hours and some amazing goan cocktails that you shouldn’t miss out on!


  1.     Free WiFi

It goes without saying how important good WiFi is and more so in Goa because the closer you will be to the beach, the more struggling your internet would be. And it’s not really a bad thing because the best connection is often found in a place with no network. But a good and reliable wifi is something you can definitely expect. Workaways are becoming pretty common and the hostels are adapting to the needs of urban travellers. Hi-Speed internet would be cherry on top!


  1.     Common Area/Living Room

If the hostel doesn’t have a bar, it should have a big common area (ideally it has both). The best hostels are the ones that give travellers a place to hang out and socialize with each other. Common areas facilitate interaction and help solo travellers have an easier time meeting people.

Keep an eye out for common rooms with board games, video games, a TV/movies/Netflix, instruments. Anything that can bring people together and help break the ice!


  1.     Activities & Experiences

The main focus of a great hostel would always be on the experiences they host there. Because these are the ways you make memories. Look for hostels that host their in-house experiences rather than them just outsourcing it. There are plenty of offbeat places in Goa and those you would not find on the internet. And these places only good hosts can show you. Good hostels here would have plenty of weekly activities to show you all of Goa – Day & Night.


  1.     Friendly Knowledgeable Staff

Employees make any business, and when the staff of hostels are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly, you will like that place a lot better. A hostel is like a home, and you want the people there to welcome you like a long-lost family member. I never understood why hostels don’t recognize that being a hostel is not about being a cheap place to stay, it’s about creating a warm environment.

A hostel doesn’t need to have every one of these things listed here, but it should have the majority of them. A hostel without the majority of these things doesn’t understand who its guests are or what they want. Dorm room doesn’t lock? That’s what a locker is for. Hostel showers are always dirty, which is why you wear flip-flops in them. You’re not looking for a 5-star resort, just basic security, and comfort.

What makes hostels great are the people, and even the worst hostels will be great if you meet good people. But removing the people from the equation, look for hostels that have some of the above qualities in them. Hostels that know what you want as a traveller are there to enhance your travel experience, not simply take money from you in exchange for a bed. Rather stay at a place that is looking to make sure I have a good time.

And to find these places? read up! When you’re picking hostels, look at user reviews, pictures, amenities, and star ratings on sites like Hostelworld.

See what your fellow travellers say.

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