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our experiential lifestyle endeavour not only creates magic with memorable stays, but also ensures enchanting experiences for you to see Goa, as we see it. A Goa beyond raves, a Goa untraversed.


Aangan Sundowners

colourful sunset, acoustic evenings, jaunty cocktails and zealous vibes are just some of the words which go hand-in-hand with this one-of-a-kind intimate evening. network, groove, sip, and munch on the creativity that goa has to offer at the backyard of what we call HOMe


Sunset Sails

away from the parties and the bars, saturate yourself with the beautiful hues of Goan skies at the hours of dusk. from wavy sunfall at coco beach to calming dimmet on nerul river, book your ride to tranquility.


Catamaran Calling

one hull for memories and the other for experiences, our curated yacht ride vouches for iconic oceanic gales, picturesque views of the horizon and memories that would be etched for a lifetime.


Community Cookout

from procuring ingredients to gathering wood for our outdoor oven; from learning about the masalas to fun trivia of places where the delicacies belong from; our weekly community cookout sessions promise flavour, feast, and frolic.


Game Night

swag out your card reading skills at Poker Nights or test out your precision with Beer Pong, relieve childhood and all its games at the common grounds of House of Memories. will you act out your favourite movie at dumb-charades or be the first to yell out UNO on time, lets find out!



teach yourself the art of admixture as AlcoholJockey Aditya tells you all about the measures, spirits, syrups, and flavours of your favourite cocktails. from the evergreen Whiskey Sour to the oh-so-wondorous Jackfruit Fenni, know about them all as well as the back of your hand.


Sip and paint

they say the air of goa has creativity in it. while we dont deny it, we also believe  that adding a little bit of alcohol to the air would do no harm. showcase the artist within you as you revisit colours, only this time with blurry visions thanks to the zesty and intoxicating concoctions of GharBar. 


Unstaged HOM

experience the adrenaline of unplanned and unfiltered evenings as comics, spoken poetry artists, storyteller, and musicians gather along to create an experience unequivically unheard, unseen, and unmatched. 

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