Susegad exemplifies the soul of the Goa way of life. Gotten from the Portuguese expression ‘sossegado’; it is the act of praising the midday rest, lounging in the radiant sea shores of this tropical heaven called Goa. As the storm brings in the heavy deluge to cool the earth and you with it, It is the season of contrasting picturesque views the iconic Goan horizon holds. From eerily beautiful dark grey skies to vindictive white waves, from the consistently saturated greenery to the winding, enchanting, and rain-doused hilly streets, Goa is an exhibition to pay special attention to, this time of the year, all things considered. If the pitter-patter of raindrops is music to your ears and the petrichor is your smell of soul, Goa is the place to be in June and July.

The famous cascades, streams, and lakes of Goa, are reawaken in this season. While the grand Dudhsagar Falls, which means ‘ocean of milk’ is situated on the Mandovi River, nearly 60kms away from Panaji is a must-visit, other indispensable falls that ought to be on your itinerary include Sada Falls, Charavane Falls, Netravali Falls and Arvalem Falls. Witness the regular scenic views of mountains, water, and greenery with a dash of tranquillity and solace.

Goa’s secret isn’t just restricted to its cascades and entrancingly winding streets. The heavy clouds are a welcome call for an avid range of avifauna to paint the sky with its bounteous tones and lavish tints. From Salim Ali Bird Asylum to Mollem Public Park, Morjim Beach to Cutorim Wetland Complex, witness the gloriousness of flight, plume, and fowl at the same time. Home to practically 5% of the world’s bird species and practically half of India’s, the Goan heavens, this time of the year, puts up a show that no one should miss.

From white waves to dim skies, shaded greens to immersed feathers, mingle with the melancholia of storms and rainfall in Goa with us. Return home and recognize Goa for what it truly is.