“I woke up to the sounds of ‘Balam Pichkari’ and before I knew it, I was next in line for a cold water bucket.”

Alex recalls his Holi experience at HOM.

Loud Hindi music, supersonic water cannons, colors more than a Jackson Pollock painting – HOM’s Holi celebration is a feast for the senses. HOMies from all corners of the world dance and play in a shared sense of camaraderie, setting aside their differences and inhibitions to embrace the joy and unity of the festival.

From the colorful gulal and refreshing sprinklers to the traditional Urak and delicious food, everything rains on you with the festive phrase – “Bura na maano holi hai” (Don’t mind, it’s Holi!). The colorful atmosphere demands a colorful palette – savory samosas, spicy kachoris, sweet puranpoli, and the refreshing thandai, provides the perfect blast of flavors.

With natural gulal and colors, water harvested from streams, locally sourced Urak, and other ecological practices, we are dedicated to minimize our environmental impacts and enjoy the festivities in a way that respects both the planet and the community.

As dusk sets in, we make our way to the Candolim beach and finally wash off the colors from our body. With sundown, the only spirits that go down are the bountiful reservoirs of Urak. The juxtaposition of the peaceful surroundings and the vibrant Holi bash at HOM creates an eclectic and lively atmosphere. We cap off the night by returning to HOM with renewed energy for a carefully curated after-party, where we continue our shenanigans with dance, games, more drinking and colors.